This year, HB2 has been a source of contention for NC, putting our state in the national spotlight, and drawing attention to a problem that didn’t exist until we made it a problem.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want perverts in the bathrooms with my children any more than the rest of us do, however, HB2 wouldn’t have helped the problem.  All HB2 was successful in doing was eliminating ALL local ordinances granting anti-discrimination protections that exceeded the State standards.  This eliminated protections for Veterans as well.    I am of the belief that the conservative posture is to reduce government interference in our private lives, not to increase interference.

This bill was discriminatory on so many levels.  First, it assumes that only men are “perverts” interested in corrupting our children, and the backlash received was that nobody wants a man going into the bathroom with our wives, girlfriends, mothers and daughters.  So does that say it’s OK for them to go into the restrooms with our sons, brothers, and husbands? Who is really being protected by HB2?  My perspective on this is that it is our duty to be ever vigilant when our children are utilizing public accommodations, regardless of where we are at, or who is in there.  You see, HB2 is like Gun control… it only prevents law abiding citizens from protecting their children by preventing single mothers from bringing their young sons into the restroom with them, or by preventing single fathers from bringing their young daughters into the restroom with them. If laws stopped criminals, then you would never hear about children being abused, molested, or hurt. I know that there is no easy solution to this particular issue, however you can rest assured, that if elected, I will fight to protect the rights of EVERY citizen in our state to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.