North Carolina Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal responsibility should be a primary concern of any elected official.  It is our duty to ensure that all tax payer’s money is spent responsibly, and reasonably.  It is the state’s duty to provide quality education, reliable infrastructure, and to help those who have fallen on rough times to get back on to a path of self sustenance.   It is also the state’s duty to rehabilitate criminals.  I think that one of the things we should look at changing with our budget is the incarceration rate for minor drug offenses.  Sure there should be a heavy penalty for distribution of narcotics, but I think treatment is a better more reliable method for addressing marijuana use and drug abusers.  I think it’s time to end for profit prisons, to focus on rehabilitation for non-violent crime, and focus on treatment for drug abuse.  By doing this the state will improve the return on our investment and reduce criminal actions.  I also think it’s time to remind police that they are peace officers.  their focus should be on ensuring the safety of our population. End the practice of utilizing police and tickets as a way to fill budget gaps. We need to say no to citation driven revenue generation.  At the same time we need to ensure peace officers have adequate equipment, training, and opportunity to a safe work environment.  In our modern age, everything is and can be documented.  Body cameras should be on every on duty officer.   

Education should be another top budget priority.  I think it is imperative that we adequately fund our education system, ensuring that the money is appropriately spent on the best teachers for the job, ensuring that there is a focus on STEM courses… we should continue advancing the Early College initiatives.  We should ensure that there is funding for shop class, and for Band and arts classes.  There should be funding to ensure that children learn how to read and write in cursive for crying out loud.  Is nobody appalled that we teach our children to a test, and we teach them common core mathematics, but we don’t teach them to solve a problem or write, and we no longer focus on reading comprehension.  Is nobody concerned that as time moves forward our history is being rewritten.  A lack of education is contributing to the beginnings of a Orwellian society.  He who controls the past controls the present.