Social Welfare

I believe that social welfare is a necessary aspect of our society, however; I feel like the process our government uses to address the issue of caring for the underprivileged leaves a lot to be desired.  The current system leaves the door open for rampant abuse. 

What I would like to propose is that instead of providing money, food-stamps,  free cell phones, free internet access and the like, we should instead shift our focus into teaching these low income families a new trade and training them to support themselves.  I would like to refocus our welfare system into something like the TVA that Roosevelt created after the great depression, in what would become the pre-curser to modern welfare.  The big difference is that the TVA provided the government with a means to improve infrastructure, and provided good paying jobs to those willing to work.  Our state is desperately in need of infrastructure upgrades, and we bleed money to foreign companies because we can’t afford the upgrades ourselves.  There is also a desperate need for affordable child care, which keeps even more families from having the ability to work day jobs, or jobs where both parents can work the same shift, causing even more strain on the lower to middle class family unit.  I would propose transitioning welfare recipients into a on the job training program to run affordable childcare facilities, to help rebuild the 12.7% of structurally deficient bridges in NC, to learn to repave our roads using local employees.  To improve levee systems, and flood control systems. I believe that this will provide families with a path to independence and self sufficiency.  Like the old saying says, “Give a man to fish, and you feed him for a day, but Teach a man to fish, and feed him for a lifetime.”