There has been a lot of discussion about Voter ID Laws in NC, since the Supreme Court of the US decided not to hear the appeal brought by the state of NC.   This is an issue I would like to tackle with bipartisan support.  I think many conservatives worry about how anyone can say election fraud isn’t an issue when we have no way of confirming who is casting votes, while the liberal argument is that requiring photo ID makes it difficult for minorities to vote. 

I believe that both are valid points of view, which is why I will request support from the legislature to investigate biometric voter verification.  This would make it so that no identification is required to be presented when submitting a vote, the solution is simple.  Use the right thumbprint as verification that you are who you say you are when you are casting your vote.  Prints can be collected during voter registration, and electronic readers can be made available for use during voter registration drives.  The software will automatically validate the fingerprint as unique when registration occurs, and alert the election board if duplicate registrations are requested.  During the election cycle, voters would press their thumb to a digital scanner for verification before they receive their ballot, and if there are equipment issues, inkless stickers may be used to collect thumbprints for later verification.  This will ensure nobody is discriminated against during voting, Early voting can last as long as necessary, and both sides can rest easier knowing that we the people are controlling the elections, not politicians, and not special interest groups. 

The software to incorporate this is already in existence, See the M2SYS video below.

Biometric Voter Identification

Biometric Voter Identification Software already exists.

Biometric voting software is already in existence.. It’s not something we have to develop, and M2SYS is just one example.